Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day Craft Freebie!!

Here is a super fun Earth Day craft that I did with my kiddos this week!! They loved it!!!

After learning about Earth Day and recycling we discussed other ways we could help the earth. The students were given this writing prompt to tell what they could do to help the earth. After writing down our ideas, I gave each student a blue circle to cut out. I had printed off each of their pictures and had them glue the blue circle to the bottom of their picture, so that their head was sticking out over the circle. Then they cut shapes out of a green piece of construction paper to make it look like the earth. I gave them two dye cut hands to glue down (we glued the bottoms of the hands to the back of the earth and then wrapped them around to the front). I also gave them the words to cut out and glue down the middle of their earth. We glued our craft and our writing prompt side by side on a large piece of construction paper. The students LOVE crafts that involve their pictures!! :)
Another example of the craft :)

If you enjoy this activity click either of the pictures above or the link to download!!

Earth Day Craft

Leave me some feedback if you can use it with your kiddos!! :)

On another note, today is my birthday!! My students were sooooo sweet!! I didn't even know they knew it was my birthday! One little boy brought me a beautiful plant! I got so many sweet cards, and little gifts from them! Some of the teachers decorated my room- tropical theme because they know I LOVEEEE Jimmy Buffett and anything tropical/beachy. A mom brought in mini cupcakes during our snack time and a card that was signed by all the kids! :) SOOO AWESOME!! It just reminds me that I work with some pretty AMAZING teachers, parents and students!! Love them all!!

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