Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baseball Season!

It is hard to believe that it is already April!!! :) Since Monday was the St. Louis Cardinals Home Opener we started our baseball unit!! The kids are already in love with the activities!!! Katie Mense from Little Warriors  is one of my co-workers from last year and also a great friend!! She LOVES baseball!!!  She created an AMAZING baseball unit that has TONS of activities in it!! My firsties are having a blast and it is only Tuesday!! :) You can check out this unit by clicking the link! Little Warriors - Baseball Math and Literacy Unit

One of the activities that we worked on today was the "Baseball or Ballet?" craft and writing activity. The students loved this!! First we listened to the story Baseball Ballerina by Kathryn Cristaldi.

Then we talked about how you can choose which hobbies you enjoy based on what you love to do, rather than if you are a boy or a girl. My kiddos were really in to this! About half of the boys and girls chose baseball,
and the other half chose ballet! :)

This student chose baseball

and this student chose ballet!

 Thank you Katie for this awesome idea!!!! Click on one of the pictures to head to her TPT store and check it out!! 

Since we are also Cardinals fans at my school (super close to St. Louis) I created a Fred bird hat for the students to make and wear!
Front of the hat
Side view of the hat- check out the tail feathers! :)

To make this hat I started by giving each student the hat and the hat bill run on red construction paper. I had the students cut these pieces out and we folded on the dotted line on the hat bill. This makes a flat tab that can be glued onto the base of the hat to make the bill stick out. I had my students put the dotted line underneath so it wasn't showing on the hat, but you can do however you like! :) Then I gave each student the STL circle to cut out and glue to the middle of the hat. I had them set the hat aside and then I gave them the black piece for the head and the white for the two eyes. We cut out the pieces and glued down the eyes. We also then attached the hat just above the eyes. When that was finished, I gave each student the top and bottom pieces of the yellow beak to cut out. We again folded on the dotted line to make the tabs to glue down. We glued down the bottom piece of the beak first and then glued the top part of the beak right on top of the bottom tab (bottom tab was hidden under the top tab). While the students were cutting out their feather for the back of the hat, I walked around stapling the hat (red strips of construction paper) to fit their head, and stapling the bird on the front of the hat. The feather also has a fold line to make a tab, and I stapled this tab to the back as I was walking around. If you would like the masters to make the hat click on the pictures or click the link here- Baseball Hats I hope you enjoy!! Happy baseball season!!!

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