Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Bunny Hats and more Easter Fun!

Since Friday was our last day before Spring Break we had to finish up our Easter activities! One of the activities was our egg hunt! With the help from several parents we had enough plastic eggs for each student to find 9 eggs! :) I have some amazing and helpful parents!! Each student was given a number on their Easter bag and all of the eggs had a number written on the outside with a black Sharpie. The students could only pick up an egg if it had their number on it.This way everyone got the same goodies! :)

Our giant stash of Easter eggs! :)

We also made these Easter Bunny hats!! The students loved these!! They especially loved the cotton ball tail on the back of the hat! :)

Front of the bunny hat

Back of the bunny hat

I drew the bunny head, front paws and back paws. Then I copied them onto white construction paper and had the students cut out the pieces. They colored the inside of the ears, nose and inside of the back paws pink. Then I went around to each student with a long white strip of paper and sized it to fit their head. I had the students glue the bunny head and the front paws next to each other and on the back I stapled the two back paws with a space in the middle for the cotton ball. You can attach the cotton ball with white Elmer's glue or you can staple that on too. :) I also stapled another white strip of paper from the back of the bunnies head to the back of the hat. (You can see this strip in the photo showing the back of the bunny hat.) And there you have it! An adorable Easter Bunny hat! The kids LOVED these! Almost as much as the egg hunt. ;) If you love the bunny hats as much as I do, click on the link or on one of the two pictures above to download! Easter Bunny Hats

I hope your students get a kick out of them! Please leave me a comment if you are able to use these in your classroom! :) Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Post Ever and Some Easter Fun!

Hello blog land! :) I am super excited because this is my very first post EVER! I am looking forward to sharing ideas and classroom activities with all of the FABULOUS teachers out there! This week my first grade class has been working on an Easter unit, and I have a few Easter goodies to share with all of you! On Wednesday our class listened to the story Flop-Ear by Guido Van Genechten.

In the story Flop-Ear realizes he is different from the other bunnies, because one of his ears stands up while the other flops down. The other bunnies laugh at him, and make jokes about Flop-Ear. After reading the story our class discussed ways that we could show kindness to Flop-Ear. We made a bunny craft and the students wrote down ways that they would be kind to him. I drew a bunny and copied the pieces onto white construction paper. The students cut out and colored in their pieces. Then they glued them to their writing prompt. If you would like a copy of the project click the following link: Bunny Craft and Writing Prompts

Included is a copy of the craft, and two writing prompts (in case you do not have the book I included an Easter bunny prompt that can be used as an alternative!) If you can use this activity in your classroom please leave a comment! :) I would love to hear your feedback!

Here is a boy example (the bow is under his chin)
Here is a girl example (the bow is in her ear)

We also learned about oviparous animals this week! We read stories about animals that lay eggs, and we sorted pictures of oviparous animals onto a class chart. Students picked one oviparous animal that they would like to see pop out of their Easter egg!

If you would like a copy of this activity please click the link below:
The Day My Easter Egg Grew Legs Writing Prompts

The students enjoyed playing a "scrambled egg" spelling game. Students had to find an Easter egg and inside were scrambled spelling words. Students had to figure out the spelling word and rewrite the word correctly on the line.

We also did a step by step Easter Bunny drawing and wrote a short story about our Easter Bunny.

We have been very busy working on our Easter fun this week!! Tomorrow is our last day before Spring Break, so we will be having our Easter egg hunt and some other fun activities to wrap up our unit! I plan to post some more pictures tomorrow! Thank you for stopping by! If you liked any of the ideas please leave a comment below! I am looking forward to posting more soon!! :)